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About Licking Branch
Whitetail Management


We have been hunting and planting food plots for over 30 years on our own properties. The passion we have for whitetail deer has always driven us to continue refining our knowledge and understanding of whitetails and their habitat. In addition to our time afield with the fair chase whitetails, we have over 10 years of experience with a high fenced hunting preserve. Working with the enclosed deer herd greatly widened our knowledge of mature trophy bucks and the whitetail behavior. Our adventure with Licking Branch has allowed us to share our knowledge with our clients and to assist them in their quest to develop a local, mature whitetail herd on their property. Licking Branch Whitetail Management has developed plans on multiple properties in Ohio and we are looking forward to growing our new family of clients.

Licking Branch Whitetail Management was started to provide affordable plans for our clients to develop and hunt their local deer herd. Whether you are hunting 30 acres or 1000 acres, we can help you to develop a plan that will allow you to attract and hold deer on your land at the right time of year. Your plan will begin with a meeting with you to establish their individual goals.

The management plan will continue to be developed during a “boots on the ground” visit while discussing details with you. Finally, we will provide an overview of the property with the recommended changes or additions and a site map to help in easily identifying these items. We also make sure the clients fully understand the recommendations and the reasons behind them. We will remain in contact with our clients and will always be available to answer future questions. 


We are constantly trying to improve and develop our services and will continue to share any new ideas or products. The target area for our clients is within a 150 mile radius, so that we are easily accessible and  able to respond to your needs quickly. Our clients will become a part of our growing family and we will keep all of them informed as we grow in the future.

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