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Winter Wonderland

As the old fashioned winter carries on a bit longer without breaks we need to continue to provide our deer with a little more boost each week. The bucks are getting close to dropping antlers and they are focused on rebuilding their body mass as quickly as possible. The better health they go into the new antler growing season the better the antlers come fall. The does are getting ready to begin the jump in the fawn development. In poor years they will abort one or both fawns. In a good year they will carry both fawns to birth.

I like to begin my habitat improvement projects this time of year. By travelling to the area I provide tracks for travel routes. By cutting hardwood trees I am providing much needed browse. This browse will be better for them on extremely cold nights. If you are feeding keep the feeders full, if you are not feeding do not begin now as it can hurt the deer. Cut some trees for them and let them decide how much to browse each night.

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